Bookkeeping Landscape in Canada

In Canada there is currently no government mandated certification process to call yourself a bookkeeper.

Anyone can walk into Staples, buy QuickBooks or Sage 50, walk over to the Copy Centre, print off some business cards, and Voila, they are now a bookkeeper and looking after one of the most important areas of your business.

AIS Solutions is a bookkeeping firm and we hire bookkeepers all of the time.  We were faced with this challenge internally – hiring people based solely on their resume, and within days of them joining our team, knew that the knowledge level wasn’t there, and that they weren’t capable of looking after the books of our clients.

In order to alleviate this, we developed a series of internal Bookkeeping and Accounting Software tests to test the knowledge and the skills of our bookkeepers.

But if you are an employer that hires a full or part-time bookkeeper to come to your office, how do you know whether they can do what they say they can and what you need them to?  And so this site was born.

The online bookkeeper test is designed to test the fundamental bookkeeping knowledge of someone you are thinking of hiring, or already have on staff.

It isn’t testing whether they know how to do data entry in a program like QuickBooks or Sage 50, but if they have the bookkeeping fundamental knowledge behind what they are doing and why they are doing it.