Do You Want to Be a Better Bookkeeper?

QuickBooks Online

It is a tough market out there to get into a qualified bookkeeping job.

The college and continuing education programs available only skim the surface of what you need to know in order to succeed in either starting your own Bookkeeping Practice, or working full-time for another company.

A good bookkeeper is someone who understands what is happening in the background of the software when they hit <Enter>.  They understand the mechanics behind Payroll, GST/HST, Debits and Credits.

But you also have to know how to use the software.  QuickBooks Online is a fairly new entrant into the Bookkeeping space in Canada.  There are tons of resources online which will show you how features in QBO work, but most of those are US based and don’t help you deal with specific Canadian issues.

Our training is different.  We will show you practical, real life examples of how to do everything from:

  • Set up your QBO Accountant Edition & Your First Client Database
  • Follow the workflow of your clients paperwork
  • Prepare Payroll & File Sales Taxes
  • Find and Connect the best Apps to create your QBO Ecosystem
  • All the way through to closing out the year end for the Accountant

And with Canadian Content!

We’re creating a Community of individuals, just like yourself, who want to be the leaders of the bookkeeping industry in Canada.

So Why Us?

We know that you have a lot of options out there to choose from, but we’ve been doing it for more than 15 years.  AIS Solutions is an Award Winning Bookkeeping Firm, located in Burlington, Ontario (not Burlington, Vermont) ☺

We also helped to write the curriculum in September 2015 which is being taught at the Community and Private Colleges in Canada, and were honoured to be considered one of the Top 100 Influencers in the Accounting Industry by Intuit.

But more than anything, we’ve been there.  We’ve done it.  Our bookkeeping firm handles clients on a daily basis and so we know what you will have to deal with.  It’s not theory to us, as we live and breathe it everyday.